Adopt-a-Bed Update


Many thanks to those individuals and groups who have contributed to the Midway Shelter for abused women and their children. A number of the listed donors have contributed several times recently.

The women and children of the shelter thank: Robert & Ann Kenyon, Lily Lorens, Kathryn Ann Kenneally, Jean Smith-Castle and Alameda Christian Reformed Church. Beatriix Greenwell gave generously as did: Louis Toepfer, Christine Buck, the Pipkin and McGrath Family, Louise Oram and Jerene Meissert in honor of Kate Meissert. Mary Burson donated as a Christmas gift for Jesse. Virginia Krutilek donated along with: Gabrielle Dolphin, Susanne Gallagher, Jacqueline MacMillan, Joan Harris, Alameda Hospitality Club, Ann North and Leslie Thornton. 

The shelter also thanks donors: Jeff Delaney, Paula Patillo-Dupree, Janette Howard, Mary Buck, the Alameda Quilt Guild, Carol, the Bay Area Crochet & Knitting Guild, William & Rosemarie Jackson, Cynthia & Walter Grady and Mary Lou Kurtz. Starbucks at South Shore Shopping Center gave to the shelter as did: Glenn & Patti Itano, Pacific Coast Real Estate, Jeff & Theresa Rude, Mary McNamara in honor of Jackie MacMillan and Pamela Williams. Donors: Emily & Joseph Shea, Helen Sause, Robert S. McBride, Dawn E. Graeff, St. Joseph Basilica, Steve Krutilek & Mary Mills and Garrienne Nakano also gave generously.

Two donors chose to remain anonymous.

Donations may be sent to Alameda Homeless Network, P.O. Box 951, Alameda, CA 94501. For more information, call 357-0205, Ext. 206 or visit


Ginny Krutilek