No Muslim ban


The Supreme Court has heard oral arguments on the Trump Muslim Ban. A decision is expected in June. Lower federal courts have struck down all three versions of the ban. Press reports have indicated that the court may overturn the lower courts and approve the racist, xenophobic and profoundly un-American ban. This is an abhorrent prospect.

At our weekly Human Billboard Vigil, we proclaim our opposition to the Muslim Ban. We value our Muslim friends and neighbors in Alameda. We welcome refugees and people of all faiths and nationalities. We reaffirm our dedication to our city’s motto “Everyone Belongs Here.”

I urge everyone, including members of the Muslim community to stand together on Saturdays at noon on the corner of Park Street and Santa Clara Avenue. We are in this together: Everyone Belongs Here!

Ruth Smiler

Editor’s note: The weekly vigil on Park Street referenced above will not be held this weekend due to the Spring Festival.