All things ugly


The constituency in Alameda, I believe, is being governed by all things that have been deemed ugly in America: its insatiable debt, the power to pass that debt on and development as an easy fix for that debt. 

Presently Alameda is being threatened by an experiment testing the effects of stress from overpopulation. Witness the issues surrounding Crown Beach, the site of the Del Monte warehouse and the site of the now-shuttered Nelson Marina on the old Naval Air Station. 

Is an environmental impact report required for all of these? Is that a joke? In real estate jargon, they’d say that Alameda is being “flipped.” 

We seem to be harangued by the lack of a sizable vote. The City Council somehow manages to keep its ethical basis within the boundaries of “turn Alameda into a sad place, yet commit no crime.”
Is it too late for Alameda?

— Michael Karvasales