Rebuttal to recent letter


It always saddens me when I see such an inaccurate post (“Let me get this straight,” Feb. 22). Rep. Maxine Waters is absolutely correct on the point. Trump is looking for every excuse to go to war with North Korea to boost his popularity. Waters was strongly against the Iraq War. Was she wrong? Thousands paid the ultimate price for oil as the United States locked itself out of the cleanest oil in the region. Who is profiting from it? China and India.

Hillary Clinton and the Iranian Nuclear program are as related as Google is to the invention of peanut brittle. The funds given to the Iranians were actually funds the U.S. seized after the Shah was deposed by the American-backed Ayatollah Khomeini. The U.S. was ordered to return these funds to Iran by the International Court of Justice. The People of Iran had paid the U.S. to buy weapons in 1979 — weapons that were never delivered. It was a commercial transaction as such the U.S. had no right to keep the money. Note that Iran did not ask for interest.

Nuclear reactor and processing in Iran were initially delivered by the U.S., later by Russia, China, Pakistan, France, England, Canada and South Korea. So, please, before making fast statements about Clinton, do some research. It would actually require several copies of the Alameda Sun to explain it. I’d love to tell you more as I had the privilege of working in the U.S. with one of the nieces of the Shah.

North Korean nuclear missiles come direct from the Russian RD250 which go back to 1960. They were manufactured in Ukraine by Yzhmash which also manufactured scores of other long- and short-range rockets. 

These mysteriously disappeared from the defunct Soviet Army. The Russians and Chinese helped North Korea to upgrade their system. They got their nukes from the same places.

ISIS was directly created by the hanging of Saddam Hussein as he led the last stronghold of western civilization in the region and never killed a single American. Both Iran and Iraq had very good education systems and women had the right to work.


Joel Rambaud