Better uses for McKay Avenue property

I was speechless after reading the article about the Alameda Point Collaborative’s (APC) intention to “rehab and develop” the former Federal property on McKay Avenue to house  a “wellness center” to  assist and treat homeless persons with current medical and mental conditions and other high users of the health care system. (“Point Collaborative Plans New Shelter,” Feb. 15)

McKay Avenue is the only access to the beach, park and visitors’ center at Crab Cove, used almost daily by children of all ages walking in long lines from most of our city’s kindergartens, preschools, elementary and high schools. 

It is also a recreational site used and enjoyed by thousands of Alamedans year ’round. Doug Biggs and the APC have available to them nearly unlimited unused buildings at the former Naval Air Station, where they already operate shelters. So why not rehab some suitable buildings there? Better yet, why not just divide up the $35 to $40 million among all the needy of Alameda, so they can buy a home and pay for they own medical expenses? In other words, put the money where it’s needed, instead of lining the pockets of some bureaucrats.

The former federal property on McKay Avenue must be worth a few hundred million dollars, at least, given its prime location. So let’s use it and develop it in the best interests of our city and our community.


Peter Nevada

Editor’s note: A federal mandate dictated the use of the referenced property.