Appreciation for the Sun

Editor’s note: We truly are humbled by the generous subscribers and supporters who have continued to find ways to appreciate the Alameda Sun in recent weeks. Here are more of their comments.

Dear Dennis & Eric:
Thanks for leading and enabling a great communication forum for the city of Alameda!

We look forward every week to the Alameda Sun. Thanks for all the stuff you do. 

Hi Eric:
Sorry that I have been so long in subscribing to the Alameda Sun. Always been a fan, but since we retired, your paper has been our lifeline to keeping up on what is going on in our town and with our many customers. 

It has been a joy to see you evolve over the years and Alameda is blessed to have a true, authentic and unbiased newspaper.




Paul Beusterien & Elizabeth Baldwin, Suzanne Renne, Iris & John Watson