Teens working toward good cause with play


Last weekend I attended a play by the local theater group Tomorrow Youth Repertory. The group is made up of teens who presented a performance of Up the Down Staircase. The play talks about teenage angst and suicide. 

At the end of the play, one of the actors gave an improvised speech about teen suicide and noted a donation box in the lobby for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. Many people were touched by this gesture. 

I thought it was a fantastic effort from local teens to help other teens and adults. In two nights, the play raised $600 for the hotline.  

As a  mental health professional on the Island, I know the tragedy of teenage angst turned suicidal. The Alameda Sun highlighting this play and its philanthropic endeavors might be an effective way to note some good things Alameda teens do with the arts and gently point to a tough issue that effects so many.


Elizabeth Dandenell, East Bay Center for Anxiety Relief, Treatment & Prevention