Don’t hide behind closed doors


I learned with dismay this week that the City Council met on Tuesday, Jan. 30, behind closed doors, to study and decide upon the report by independent investigators into two Councilmembers’ potential harassment of the City Manager in her decision to hire a new fire chief. The findings of the investigation are still unknown to the general public, and are currently labeled as confidential. 

I would like to bring the following to Alamedans’ attention:

First, there is a sunshine ordinance that requires that city government meetings be public and open to all, that transcripts of the proceedings be easily accessible and that decisions be transparent to the general public. 

Second, as I understood it, the City Council would make the final decision on this matter, which is grave since pressuring the City Manager is against the City Charter and would result in the two Councilmembers losing their seats on the City Council.

I ask for the following:

  • The complete and unredacted transcript of the report by the independent investigators, with all conclusions drawn, published in the Alameda Sun and online at the City of Alameda webpage.
  • The vote in open session of the City Council, to determine the veracity or dismissal of the charges against the two Councilmembers.
  • The abstention of those accused Councilmembers from any vote, given their personal interests in the matter.

Business as usual, hidden from public view, must stop. 


Patricia Bowen