Spencer a proven leader

Mayor Trish Spencer has more stories floating around about her then any politician in this town. These are by design. Initially when she became mayor, all I heard about was a well-educated attorney with a child attending Harvard who was “not very mayoral.”

Then the narrative was that she drinks too much. Let me tell you, as a person who does not drink, all of you get a little loose and a whole lot more fun after a glass of wine. So let’s not be too judgy. 

Trish has one fault. She did not get in line as a candidate. She did not ask permission — she did not ask special-interest groups like the unions for campaign money. She instead stood on various corners of town as we drove our kids to school and commuted to work. She held a homemade sign over her head that said, “Trish Spencer for Mayor.”   

This was a teachable moment for every parent. I showed my children the beauty of this country.  You live where you can wake up one day and challenge the status quo. 

This coming election year this fully independent mayor will, in all likelihood, have a smear campaign against her like we have never seen. She is not an automatic “yes” or “no” for anyone. She will make and has made, to the best of her ability, decisions solely for what she equates is best for this town. 

By no means am I portraying her as a perfect anything, but from my first-hand experience I have seen a person who genuinely seems to care about this town and that’s what we so badly need.  

Keep in mind that most union interests are held by people who don’t actually live in this town. I am not anti-union, I am anti-extremist. There has to be balance. I will be the first one to say that, as a community, we need to take care of our first responders, our  teachers and all the people employed to run our infrastructure. I don’t want my mayor, school superintendent, councilmembers or city manager indebted to any group but the residents of this town. 

So for those of you who are lucky enough to not know the politics of this town and the narratives of this mayor, please keep in mind that she always shows up, she has been the same Trish since day one and that she is not obligated to anyone but the average resident of this town. 

We need independent people like her in our town protecting our interests and values as a community.


Farhad Matin