Concerned voters want an update

Last November, you reported on possible corruption and illegal acts by our elected leaders, Jim Oddie and Malia Vella (“City to Look into Fire Union,” Nov. 2). The story covered the investigation of whether Oddie and Vella wrongly interfered with the hiring of Alameda’s incoming fire chief. It also covered allegations that they exerted illegal pressure on City Manager Jill Keimach to pick a leader of the local firefighters’ union as our fire chief.

Since the article was published, we have heard nothing about the investigation. 2018 is an election year for our beautiful Island City, and whoever we elect to lead our city will decide a host of issues that affect every one of our citizens.

We’re writing to ask if you have any updates on this important story. As proud and engaged residents, we would like to know all the information that we can, about the entire slate of candidates, well in advance of going into the voting booth. 

If Oddie and Vella are guilty of breaking the law and illegally pressuring our independent city manager to hire unqualified fire department leadership due to union ties, we voters need to know. Would you be able to publish an update on the investigation?

Thank you!

Sam Featherstone, David Skaff and David Lekashman

Editor’s note: This investigation is ongoing, no report has been issued.