Parking relief needed at Alameda Hospital

My wife and I moved to Alameda in 1986 and over the years we have received excellent, even life-saving, care at the hospital, for which we are thankful. I write now to express my irritation with the parking situation at the hospital and to make a suggestion.

I had an 8 a.m. appointment at the hospital. When I arrived, I found the parking lot absolutely full! I parked over on Otis Drive. Once in the hospital, I talked with two employees who attributed the full lot to the shift change. One suggested I use the valet service. 

But that begins at 9 a.m. — not real helpful for an 8 a.m. appointment. There is no doubt that most of the cars filling the lot belong to hospital staff. I am healthy enough to walk the long block from Otis, other patients may not be able to do that.

I suggest that the hospital do what many other hospitals with parking problems do — find a remote place for staff parking and provide a shuttle to take the employees to and from the hospital. There are many possible sites on the Main Island, none farther than about a five-minute shuttle ride. If the site has to be at Alameda Point, that still works out to a 10-minute shuttle ride.


Jay Mechling