Time for a real investigation

Reading (“Year in Review” Dec. 28) about protests over our president, I wondered are there any old-fashioned liberals around? You know, those who believe in democratic elections and are against police surveillance and confrontationist war policies? 

I’m a little shocked at how little protest there has been from Bernie Sanders supporters over the brazen hijacking of last year’s Democratic nominating process.   

And what about the ongoing legal coup attempt against the president, under the guise of the Robert Mueller “investigation?”

People have a right to not like Donald Trump. I don’t agree with him on everything. But somehow the obsession against Trump has blinded so many people, that I think some of our formerly sane citizens have gone dangerously over the edge.

We now have mounting evidence that the highest levels of the FBI and Justice Department under President Obama, together with British intelligence were in cahoots to interfere in a presidential campaign and spy on high-level officials of one candidate. Then, after that candidate got elected, concoct a fraudulent “Russiagate” and carry out other measures worthy of J. Edgar Hoover to destroy the newly elected president. And who is Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor?  Mueller ran a fraudulent prosecution of Lyndon LaRouche in 1986.

Later as head of the FBI, he and the NSA imposed massive surveillance on the American people following the 9/11 attack, as we launched a war against a country that had nothing to do with the attack.

I think it’s time for serious people to realize what’s been going on is not a Republican or Democrat issue. We have an out-of-control gang in our intelligence services. How extensive are their crimes and what is their intent? That’s what needs to be investigated.  The very soul of our nation is at stake.


Hunter Cobb