A sunny poem and other letters of support

There once was a small-town paper,
That everyone come Thursday would savor —
The two publishers never showed favor.
Working hard to be fair,
Short of losing their hair,
Managed to inform everyone there. 
A new year has begun,
Lit up by the Alameda Sun.

Thanks guys, and thanks to everyone at the Alameda Sun!
— Judy Jacobs

Editor’s note: Judy’s poem was just one of the supportive notes we received after publishing “Please Consider Supporting Sun,” Dec. 28). More kind words from subscribers for the paper follow.

Dear Dennis & Eric:
First, thanks for hanging in there to publish Alameda’s only local weekly newspaper. I have been meaning to send in a subscription or donation to support your efforts for quite a while, but I finally got to it after reading your recent editorial. Thanks for the kick!

After having worked in the public arena for nearly 40 years, I truly know and appreciate the importance of a local newspaper which can keep tabs on and hold public officials responsible for their duties. The recent unethical, if not illegal, actions by some of our Councilmembers is a perfect example. 

It is examples such as that which only amplify the importance of a “watchdog” publication that can keep the public informed. 

I have enclosed a donation to help you defray some of your costs.
Keep up the good work and best of luck in the new year!
— Burnham “Burny” Matthews, Former 
Alameda Police Chief
I was going to send in $25, but I got such a huge laugh out of your response to Bruce Elerick (“Editor’s Note” Dec. 28) that I decided to up it to $50. Happy New Year!
— Alexandra Petrich

We love your paper! Thanks for all you do. 
— Sam Moriana & 
Roxanne LeBlanc 

Thanks for giving Alamedans a voice and a mirror.
— Scott Hildreth

I enjoy getting your paper. Keep up the good work. Here’s a little something to help cover costs. 
— Jim Trenkle

Thanks for keeping me up to date with events and happenings here in Alameda.
— Lorraine Salazar

Sun Staff