‘Ridiculous’ traffic calculations from city

This is a bit ridiculous. Did they follow the cars all the way to and from their destinations? (“City Decides about Transportation Choices,” Nov. 23). Have they ever seen that hundreds, if not thousands, of children are dropped off at schools in the morning, then their parents drive to work, many of whom stop to get coffee or run an errand on the way? Just because the car only has one passenger when it crosses the water doesn’t mean the trip started or ended that way.

Further, please don’t tell me that we should all start biking everywhere. It is not always practical. I’d have a heck of a time biking three kids to three different schools — due to their ages — then biking down 880 to work which is not near BART or the bus. 

I don’t trust a city-proposed solution at all, especially because the same city planners denied for years that we even have a transit problem when the city was blindly and widely approving new housing all while denying the fact that traffic was rising.


Theresa Feldman