Just one small action


A kid finishes his soda. A parent finishes reading his newspaper. As they are walking on Park Street, they realize, “I don’t want to carry this all the way home,” so their only choice is to throw those recyclables into the trash. Myself and my fellow students at Edison see that these actions are bad for the environment. This is why we think there should be recycle cans on Park Street. 

This situation has happened to me numerous times. You get the guilty feeling that you shouldn’t have done that, but you have no choice. Also, if hundreds of people do this every day, it adds up to so much waste in the landfull that could be recycled. 

It may cost money, but so what? This is the only planet we can live on. There are no other planets, and if it means spending a little bit of green paper (money), I think it’s certainly worth it. 

Just think about how polluted our Earth is. We could help out a very needy cause by just one small action.

— Griff Loughran

Editor’s note: We here at the Sun would like to echo this concerted effort by this young generation to improve waste collection service in our public spaces. We do hope those holding the purse strings at the City of Alameda, the Park Street Business Association and elsewhere in town will take these letters to heart. More letters from Edison students will appear next week.