Open letter to Encinal High community


I wish those undereducated children at Encinal High School could see this, but I just don’t know to foward it to them. It is with great pleasure that I forward this so the people who do not stand might realize what a great diservice they do these men.

President Donald is right. “Fire every one of those SOB’s.” There is a time and place for protest. That time is not after you hear, “Ladies and gentleman, please stand to honor our nation’s heroes.”

Some small ceremonies in America should remain sacred.   And here’s why. “The American Flag does not fly because the wind moves past it. The American Flag flies from the last breath of each military member who has died protecting it.”


Bruce Elerick


The Alameda Sun received this letter accompanied by a series of photographs of people honoring fallen veterans on one knee, or in other expressions of reverence. Some had an accompanying caption. One longer anecdote associated with the photos appears in italics at the end.


We brought 16 Pearl Harbor survivors back to Hawaii. On our final day, we took the Greatest Generation to the USS Arizona for a tribute where the men would drop rose petals into an opening in the Arizona.

Larry Parry was confined to a wheelchair for the majority of the trip. I was standing behind Larry when I heard him whisper quietly to his escort, “Miss, I may need your assistance for a moment. I’d like to try to stand up.”

Larry, who had lost his wife only weeks before our trip, stood up, dropped the rose petals into the gentle current to honor his fallen shipmates and was overwhelmed with emotion.