LaRouche and China’s Belt and Road Initiative


I was pleased to read the letter from Chuck Park, (“Is the Democratic Party coming to its senses?” Sept. 14) where he mentions the example of Lyndon LaRouche as a courageous statesman, in the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Rarely does one see the name LaRouche in print, despite his visionary leadership and willingness to take on the powers of Wall Street and London, weathering wild defamation, proven targeting by the FBI, etc.

I have been an ally of LaRouche for more than 40 years and have seen his vision becoming a reality in much of the world in the recent years. This vision of a world liberated from the stifling of the human spirit, especially due to the continuing remnants of the British Empire, where every human being can participate in advancing man’s knowledge of the universe and increase man’s power to move forward in that universe, is being rapidly spread due to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. 

This project of massive infrastructure building and cultural exchange, now involves more than 65 nations. Lyndon LaRouche and his wife Helga Zepp LaRouche were seminal figures in designing this policy, as is publicly recognized by the Chinese government and media. Where would America be if our media treated visionary geniuses with such respect?

The Chinese national newspaper, Peoples Daily recently held a conference with several hundred leading journalists from around the world for the purpose of educating them to be able to better get out the word on the wonders of the Belt and Road. 

One of the two Americans who traveled to China for this conference is a close associate of LaRouche. He gave a presentation here in Alameda Sept. 30. Those who would like to know more, may contact me at hunter


Hunter Cobb