Adopt-A-Bed update


Many thanks to those individuals and groups who have contributed to the Midway Shelter for abused women and their children recently. We would like to thank the generous people and organizations that donated to the shelter during the month of August. A number of the listed donors contributed several times last month. Two donors chose to remain anonymous. 

The woman and children would like to thank members of the following church groups for providing evening meals last month: First Presbyterian Church, Saint Joseph’s Basilica, St. Philip Neri Church, St. Philip Neri Youth Group, the Church of the Latter Day Saints, Temple Israel, Twin Towers Methodist Church, First Congregational Church (UCC) and Trinity Lutheran. 

Members of the Alameda Democratic Club also provided evening meals, as did Amy Silverman and friends, Lidia Ralda, Susan and Fred Lebe, Laura and Earl Rivard and Margaret Dos Santos. 

Lance and Sandra Russum donated in memory of Manuel Silva, Augusto Dacosta, Valentin Sepic, David Mears, Carter Stroud, Phyllis Houck, Gladys Hageman, Charles Friend, Anne Pound, Albert McCarthy, John Allen and Lola Susan Paras. Jackie MacMIllan sent a check in celebration of Virginia Crinnon’s birthday. Brigitt Morrison donated the proceeds from her bake sale. Paula Patillo-Dupree donated in August as did Mary Scott, Pipkin and Christine Buck. Norman and Patricia Bowen sent a check in August. They were joined by Ginny Krutilek, Marion Yeaw, Viginia Jones and M. Buck. Lois Pryor also helped the shelter with a donation. She was joined by Gabrielle Dolphin, Beatrix Greenwell, Louis Toepfer, and Maxine Bolf. 

If you would like to see your name listed among the generous September donors, send a check to Alameda Homeless Network, P.O. Box 951, Alameda CA 94501. Learn more call 523-2377 or visit

— Ginny Krutilek

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