Blame Britain instead


I strongly support the position of Chuck Park in his recent letter, (“Let’s take a step back,” Aug. 3) calling for caution before marching off to confrontation with Russia, and specifically to having a full investigation of the report of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity that no hack of the Democratic National Convention computers occurred. However, I would add a crucial element that Park did not mention. 

This entire “Russia-gate” business was started by the British. They are, in fact, the foreign power that has been meddling with our election! This came out in the Guardian newspaper in April of this year, when it reported that it was the Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ), the British eqivalent of the National Security Agency, that was spying on Trump’s team and his connections to Russia as early as 2015. 

Then Robert Hanigan, the head of GCHQ, met with John Brennan of the CIA to get him on the case. While no crimes have ever been presented, after months of innuendo, a salacious dossier, penned by “former” British intelligence MI-6 officer Christopher Steele has been widely circulated, which no one with any credibility will vouch for.

Recall that it was the lies of Tony Blair that got us into the Iraq War; it was Margaret Thatcher who “stiffened the spine” of Bush, Sr. to get into the first Gulf War; Roosevelt and Churchill had real fights over ending “British 18th century methods” once World War II was over, and so on. 

I have nothing against the British people. But the policy of imperial wars is something that should be dead and buried.


Hunter Cobb