Signature gathering process not transparent


I am sure many of you have already had the unpleasant experience of being accosted by folks allegedly gathering signatures to help support your rights related to rent control. Unfortunately these folks are often misrepresenting themselves and their motives for collecting those signatures. 

Perhaps many of you are not aware that those gathering the signatures are doing so for money.They are compensated for each signature collected but they do not disclose that, of course. They often approach and engage as if they are fellow concerned citizens and they provide colorful descriptions of how the item they are asking you to sign will benefit you in some fashion. Do not be fooled, they are trying to make money at your expense. 

These signature gatherers are not honest about their motives or who they are actually working for.They will distort the truth to get those signatures without a second thought. These mercenary fellows are not members of this community. They do not care about the issue. 

I question the validity of each and every signature gathered under such false pretenses, I believe the City of Alameda should require signature gatherers to provide full disclosure regarding their primary motivations and who they are really working for. 

How can a signature obtained via manipulation and subterfuge be counted as a valid expression of the will of the voting populace?


Steven Daniels