Adopt-A-Bed update


The Midway Shelter for abused women and children reach out with a hearty “thank you” to all the generous people who donated to the shelter in July. Several donated more than once. Three donors chose to remain anonymous. 

Midway Shelter would like to thank Lou and Jan Toepfer, Beatrix Grenwell, Paula Patillo-Dupree, Christine Buck and Richard Pipkin. The shelter would not survive without generous donors like Nancy Issel-Mayes and Guy Mayes, Beverly Church, James and Marilyn Tham and Lee and Ginny Parsons.

Lance and Sandra Russum donated in memory of Larry Groce, Marilyn Taylor, Miyoko Jones, Tom Tuttle, Mercy Gonsalves, Lizette Weiss, Robert Walker, Andrew Williams, Margaret Orthman, Lillian Gintz and Janet Perry. The Alameda Adelphian Club sent a donation to honor Ginny Krutilek. Virginia Crinnon sent a check in honor of Jackie MacMillan’s birthday. 

Immanuel Lutheran Church Ladies Aid Society donated to honor a member of Chapter 15 “E Clampus Vitus,” this donation came via Jojo Holdings. INSTONE Marble sent a donation last month as did the Bayview Women’s Club. Balloon Mania, Future Care Inc. and Hewitt, James & Fitch. 

The Appezzato family donated to the shelter in July. They were joined by Kristen and Todd Jones, Louis Rembrandt, Camillia Whyte and Kathy Clark. Virginia Krutilek sent money to help the shelter in July, as did Judy Hom, David and Joyce Denyven, Keith Nealy, Robert Wonder and Barbara Anderson.

Ken Kofman donated in July, as did Eric Hartz, Elizabeth Rogers, Karen Butler and Audrey Aljoe. They were joined by Mary Butler, Felice Zensius, Kelly Abbot and John and Johanna Schuitema. Jan and Dick Evans helped the shelter with their July donation. Regina Panzarino-Dimig, John and Andrea Medulin, Shirley Sutherland and Andrew Lambert and Jacqueline Spicer all helped the shelter with their generosity in July. 

Marian Breitbart sent a check to help the shelter last month, as did Aviva and Raphael Gonzalez, Judith and William Norton, Marion E. Yeaw and Garriene Nakano. Barbara Wildman, Alana and Hubert Luchtman, M. Buc Dolores Rodriguez and Louis Prior all donated to the shelter last month. They were joined by Ronald Nunn, Raul and Christina  Orozco, Laurie Allen-Requa and Dawn E. Graeff. 

If you would like to see your name listed among the generous August donors to Midway Shelter, send a check to Alameda Homeless Network, P.O. Box 951, Alameda CA 94501. To learn more, visit or call 523-2377.


Ginny Krutilek