Save the fairy doors


Fairy doors are all over Alameda and provide joy and delight to both young and old. I am always delighted when out on a walk around town to find a new one. 

However, that must not be true of some high schoolers walking by our house on Encinal Avenue. The fairy or gnome door on the tree in front of our house was ripped off and discarded three or four houses down the street. And, the little gnome glued to a stick in front of our house was gone. 

How sad and destructive. Why do it only to throw it away? An end of year prank? Did it provide a good laugh? The door had been around for a couple of years and some of gears have come off and been replaced. 

Now I’m not sure if the fairy will want to replace this door on this tree or will retreat and hide. How sad. Here’s wishing she returns!


Judy Wagner

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