Hats off to APD, AFD


Dear APD Chief Paul Rolleri and AFD Chief Doug Long:
I just wanted to pass along our gratitude for the police and fire departments’ quick and professional response to a capsized boater on Sunday, May 28. I host a Meet-Up group for paddlers to come together and share paddling experiences. On May 28, we had a relatively new paddler using a brand-new boat for the first time and unfortunately was having much difficulty with it. 

She capsized her boat and I stayed with her trying to assist her back into her boat. Due to the high wind and waves her boat became uncontrollable because it filled with water each time she got back in it. Luckily, we were not too far from shore. I was able to witness many different search parties taking action from all over, it was very impressive.

The members of both your departments were very friendly, caring and professional dealing with the group waiting for us, the capsized boater and me. Seeing all the different resources in action made all of us feel very safe. 

Please know we did have a “float plan” (emergency protocols) and were following it accordingly. When the officer found us on shore, we were cold but OK. I understand that one of our group members called  911 and was understandably scared for us; she was very relieved to see all of the emergency support.

I want to extend an invitation to you and your personnel for paddling services too. As you know our island is a great place to paddle but it has many hidden hazards that your staff may be interested to know of, as well as have paddling skills so that staff can access areas motorboats cannot.

Thanks again for all that you do!

Joe Stack

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