Not worth the ink


The recent letter “Climate Change Warning,” June 8, is proof that not all letters warrant the ink to print them. 

The letter is neither new nor original: it was cut and pasted from one that has been making the rounds for 10 years among climate change deniers online. This is an example of the many attempts to cast doubt on climate change science — and a particularly feeble one at that. 

While there is indeed an article on Arctic ice in the Washington Post on Nov. 2, 1922, this is not it. The original 1922 article describes a local phenomenon due to an unusually warm summer; it makes no broad predictions of the sort in the letter.

There are many useful and timely debates to be had right now about climate change. These include how best to plan for sea level rise and tidal flooding, or the most prudent way for the city to transition to renewable energy. I welcome these debates, in fact we need to be having them now. 

There’s plenty of room for disagreement on real issues, but I hope we can all agree that we don’t need to waste time with shallow deceptions.


Andy Murdock

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