Facts, not hysteria


I read with interest Steve Tabor’s letter to the editor (“Not resilient enough,” April 24) regarding the failure of the city to obtain the Rockefeller resiliency grant which is awarded to cities who have demonstrated a capacity to prepare and withstand natural disasters. 

Tabor goes on to discredit the “carbon dioxide theory of global warming” by saying it is “long ago discredited” which has resulted in “mass hysteria.” As usual, the climate change denialists fail to back up their statements with facts. Here are the facts: Climate scientists overwhelmingly agree that climate change is real and is manmade. In a study of climate papers which discuss climate change, over 97 percent agree that is real and human-caused. 

As a scientist living here in Alameda who studies health and climate for a living, I know that Alameda in particular is at risk for higher storm surges due to sea level rise. Changes due to climate change puts California’s agriculture and water supply at risk, and public health is threatened by more extreme weather events and more severe heat waves. 

The year 2012 was the hottest on record in the United States, so many of these impacts are happening now. Unfortunately, those who will suffer the most impacts are our children and those living in developing countries such as island nations which are preparing now for mass out-migration of their populations due to climate change. 

This is not mass hysteria, these are the facts. I would be glad to provide detailed scientific references from peer-reviewed journals for any statements I have provided in this letter. I challenge Tabor to do the same.


— Paul English