Open letter to Council


Dear City Council Members:
As an Alameda resident and active voter, I would strongly urge to you read Mark Greenside’s recent commentary (“Heading for Upper-Class Homogeneity,” May 11.) In spite of its tendentious title, the article makes very sound points about the shortcomings of transportation planning in Alameda. The planning is being managed vis-à-vis exciting proposals for new development.

The quality of life on our island is what distinguishes Alameda from our neighboring cities. It is precious; the population pressures being exerted upon communities across the Bay Area have made it precarious as well. In order to preserve that quality of life, it is imperative that we take our transport constraints seriously when evaluating and making demands of new development proposals. 

A commentary in an earlier edition, (“City Needs a Moratorium on New Development,” May 4), provides one useful (if slightly extreme) diagnosis and treatment plan that does so.

Construction of new residential and, most especially, commercial real estate is critical for Alameda, but please do not sacrifice the joys of daily life in our community for the sake of developers’ profit margins. We have struck a fine balance here, and must proceed judiciously if we are to maintain it. The land isn’t going anywhere; we can ask developers to be patient.


Erik Lehto


The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter.


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