Sun receives second AUSD demand letter


This demand notice constitutes the second request under the above named statute for full and timely disclosure of information requested in my first demand for disclosure in prior emails to all of you through your district website email portal, directed to parties named, including but not limited to, the District Superintendent and each member of the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) School Board through their individual district provided contact email addresses and through its posted online system.

Please be advised that no one responded to the request.

In the event that you did not read them or claim that you were not duly notified through the above means, please regard this as your second notice for disclosure demand under The California Public Records Act of 2004 issued to you today and pursuant to the specifics as stated in the Alameda Sun (“Open Letter Demands Full Disclosure on Lum” May 4) on page 8. 

Your compliance with disclosure in the timely fashion required by law subjects you to a preliminary injunction against taking further closure action against Lum School in the event that you do not comply forthwith. 

The public has the right to review any and all communications related to your and any other second or third party’s public announcements and external or internal communications related to conversations, documents, emails, text messages, statements, online postings or other written or verbal communications in your official capacities as district employees, AUSD Board Members or outside contractors or agencies involved with the gathering of, or providing information related to, the closing of Lum School before any such action can be taken. 

Please comply, once again, forthwith, with your obligations under the law. 


L.D. Freeman and any other parties, individuals or groups who wish to serve you this public demand notice at a later time as parties to and possible plaintiffs in this action.


The Alameda Sun received a copy of this legal notice.

Public request for records pursuant to California Public Records Act of 2004 and Government Code Section 6250 et seq. 


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