Hello Honolulu No. 2


Do we really want 14-story buildings in our city? Tim Lewis Communities is asking for approval of this development as well as 589 new housing units at Encinal Terminal in the north central portion of Alameda. Do we really think this plan will not impact traffic?

Are developer-density-bonus high rises the only way to provide money for very-low- and low-income housing and affordable- and moderate-housing mandated by the state? 

What are the state requirements and how close are we to meeting them? This proposal is to provide only for those 55 and older to have 25 very-low-income units and 20 low-income units. 

The project will also provide for 34 affordable to moderate-income units. What are the cost and qualifications for very low, low, affordable and moderate housing? A combination of 510 units and houses will be market rate.

Is this proposed 14-story high-rise another example, unfortunately, like so much of our country, of us versus them? Please let the Planning Board and City Council know that we do not want 14-story high-rises rising, or say “bye” to our Alameda as we know it and “hello” to Honolulu No. 2.


Patsy Paul

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