Why does everyone hate the president?


I just don’t comprehend all the vitriol being directed towards President Donald Trump. Is there anybody reading this letter who might respond with an intelligent, knowledgeable reason why this president should be impeached?

Please don’t embarrass yourself by repeating CNN, NBC and other negative news gossip, “imagined” personal opinion, or Democrat anger. Somebody, please give me some real reason(s) why you hate this man so?


Bruce Elerick


Editor’s note: Not to take one side or the other, in our opinion, the divisive and self-centered nature of the president’s 140-character tweets written in his own words go a long way toward developing the hatred referenced in this letter.




This man is hated because: He lies about everything and doesn't keep his promises. He also seems to not have any education in US History or our constitution. And face it, anyone with three wives doesn't understand the meaning of loyalty, and his personal lack of faithfulness spills over into his work life.

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