M1 sets up legal mess

So far everything I have read on the differences between Measure L1, the city’s Rent Stabilization Act, and Measure M1, Alameda Renter Coalition’s charter amendment to establish rent control, has neglected to cover a very critical difference:

What properties are covered by the rent control? The California law known as Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act preempts local laws in regards to rent control. It excludes all single-family homes, condos and townhouses and newer rental units (post Feb.1, 1995) from local rent control.

I believe that L1 complies with this law. M1, on the other hand, covers anything rented for residential purposes. This means all condos, townhouses and certain single-family houses. M1 also covers all rental properties regardless of when they were brought onto the market.

For M1 not only would we have to foot the $500,000 election and the $1.5 million extra program cost (over L1’s estimated cost), but we would also have to cover the legal costs of defending it.

L1 gives us a clean basis for dealing with the situation instead of setting up a legal mess.

Alan Teague