Put up a parking lot


Remember when they told us that paving over nature was “progress”? Remember how we were told that chemicals were better for us than herbs, that violent video games had no effect on kids, how cigarettes were not bad or addictive, how pesticides would be fine for us to eat, that this war would end all wars...? 
When I hear people like City Manager John Russo change their position depending on what they think is best for their own career, (“Alameda, Oakland in Fight over Traffic,” Jan. 9) I know to listen with my ears and my eyes. 
Here we have a small island, our wee Alameda, poised to have imposed upon it as much “development” as possible, and tut, tut, you annoying little citizens, just shut up and let the politicians decide what kind of life is good for you. 
The real problem here, beyond the foolishness of greedy persons, is the absolute lack of creativity. With as many artists as Alameda has, you’d think they might ask The People what to do. But the clock is ticking! 
Gosh, sounds a lot like the Feds trying to pass a budget, doesn’t it?


Jaan Carter