Council, stand up for Crown Point, voters


The current City Council is claiming the need to appease the State of California by taking the land at Crown Point and rezoning it residential. This land was promised as parks on a ballot measure passed by the voters. The council claims rezoning is necessary to comply with state law. 
Measure A, which restricted development and saved our city for so long, has been swept under the table. But the physical limitations Alameda faces have not changed since the Army Corps of Engineers severed the isthmus that once connected Alameda to Oakland in the 1900s. Alameda is an island. Every egress/ingress to and from our city passes through Oakland, or over the San Francisco Bay. Even with global warming, this will not change!
Our elected officials at the state level have done little to help Alameda maintain the quality of life which brings us to, and keeps us living in Alameda. Instead they have chosen to focus on self-aggrandizing issues and help their developer friends line their pockets with gold. Alameda is different from every other city in California. It should be exempt from development requirements that ignore lack of freeway access to and from Alameda. 
Plans for freeway hookup directly to the Island have been disapproved by the same state officials that repeatedly insist Alameda accommodate more traffic. The only elected official who seems to appreciate Alameda voters is Attorney General Kamala Harris. She alone, has tried to hold the City of Alameda accountable to the voters.
Instead of giving in without a fight, our elected officials, (yes, this includes developer-funded Bonta) need to stand up and demand, and win, legislation based on our unique physical limitations. No more rezoning every possible piece of land for developers who will profit from, but be exempted from the traffic problems they create. 
The island of Catalina had very effective officials who got special legislation passed to protect that island. Too bad we are stuck with our losers. 



Barbara Thomas, Former councilwoman