Alamedans concerned, too


We Just read the article in the Alameda Sun, which implies that only Oakland and its Chinatown have expressed concern about traffic impact from Alameda Point development (“Alameda, Oakland in Fight over Traffic,” Jan. 9). Thank goodness Oakland groups and their city are speaking up on this important issue. 
Please remember, however,  that many Alameda residents and neighborhood associations have also spoken to the City Council and written letters raising questions about the traffic impact from the proposed development. We in Alameda are just as concerned as Oakland. And, as mentioned in the article, it is certainly not a solution to redirect traffic from Webster Tube down to the south end of the island, through residential communities. This too, we have protested. 
When we were told, while on the bike tour of the proposed development, that the solution is, “people will not be getting in cars in the future” we loved it. But how exactly will this happen in the numbers required? Is this a realistic plan? 
For example, there is not even bus service to the ferry on Alameda — it has been discontinued. If we can’t even maintain bus service to the ferry (note the overflowing parking lot there now every day), what hope is there that Alameda will be proactive with bus, rail, or other traffic abatement service in the future? 
Most important point: We should be busy creating a vision of the future of Alameda which would maintain and enhance the existing wonderful quality of life. Then we should plan development around that vision, not vice versa. 
We would appreciate a response from the city. 


Ken and Katherine Cameron