California Voter Registration - not such a boring topic

I have concerns about California's voter registration system and the upcoming primaries.

The irregularities in Arizona, the recent hack of a 191 million large voter database, the almost daily reports of irregularities in other states' voting, along with California's transitioning its' database to a new platform - taken together this raises a red flag. I was on the ground in Iowa, Nevada and Utah and bore witness to concerning irregularities perpetrated at a number of caucus sites. The crisis in confidence the American people are experiencing in our democratic institutions is real and it is serious.

On a personal note, my voter registration is current however my husband (who has voted for 30 years with no complication or changes in status) checked his registration only to find his name had been dropped off the rolls. His is not the only case being documented. I choose to think this is a simple administrative error. However, the climate during this election cycle makes it unacceptable. In my opinion, the California voting apparatus must be squeaky clean to avoid perpetuating a perception that the election process is in some way being "tweeked".

I've come to value my voter registration as much as I do my social security number. I encourage all to check their voter registration status at

As a concerned citizen, I've stepped up to be a poll worker. But the nature of this problem requires a state-wide pro-active vigilance.

Gabrielle Dolphin
Alameda CA 94501

Gabrielle Dolphin