Thanks for the coverage

I want to thank the Alameda Sun for the front-page placement and photo of the Park Street bench dedication last week (“New Bench on Park Street Honors Tam,” Feb. 4). It was held by the city’s Commission on Disability Issues to honor past commissioner Nielsen Tam who passed away last year, after serving six years. 

The commission has been working tirelessly over the past three years to get benches installed on Park Street to help create community and to provide rest stops for persons with disabilities and the elderly. 

While a commissioner, I was honored to have worked with Niel to help make these benches a reality. Having served 10 years on the commission, I can say that this coverage and recognition of the commission’s work is deeply appreciated not only by me but by all currently serving and those who have served in the past. 

The commission is dedicated to making Alameda as accessible as possible and so much of that work is behind the scenes and often not as visible to the community at large.


Audrey Lord-Hausman