Murals could solve graffiti dilemma

This is in response to last week’s editorial on the Crown Memorial Beach graffiti (“The Story You Won’t See This Week,” Jan 21). I have not seen what was done to the pavilion but I’d like to give my suggestion. The company my husband works for is located in Oakland and for years their company walls have been victim to vandals and their tags. 

Their office practically looked like a forgotten junked building from the outside. The Oakland Police Department holds the business owners responsible for keeping their walls clean and vandal free.  

They would repaint, only to go through the same thing with the vandalism again and again. After years, they finally found the right solution in putting a mural on their company walls. This is a sure way to keep vandals out. Ever since the murals were done, the vandalism stopped.  

If there is a group trying to repaint Crown Memorial Beach at their own expense, I suggest putting a mural as this will keep the vandals away. They respect the work done by the muralists.  


Angelica Marco