Birthday merriment


Some 100 people wearing name tags wandered Park Street last Saturday, compliments of Chuck Kapelke, who created a 40-clue scavenger hunt that gently forced Park Street business to accept songs, questions, game playing, photo shoots, silliness and small purchases along the way. All this to honor his 40th birthday.  
As a newcomer to Alameda, I appreciated the opportunity to explore some of Park Street’s treasures that I hardly even knew existed. Many of the merchants and employees had been prepped for the onslaught and others were taken a bit by surprise. 
I want to thank the Park Street businesses for playing along in the game Kapelke created because it was great fun for us as participants. “I loved the periodic pockets of positivity provided by the party participants,” one merchant said. Can you guess which store that alliteration came from?  I may have embellished it a bit; but it was the spirit of Books Inc. 
Thank you, Chuck, for your cleverness, and thank you, Park Street, and the 40 or so participating merchants. 

— Heather Fine