Glaring display of ignorance

I would like to know what “American System” Councilmember Tony Daysog was referring to last week in his commentary on the rent’s issue in Alameda (“Councilman Pens ‘Tale of Two Alamedans’ on Rent,” Nov. 12). As far as US history is concerned, the American System is a set of ideas developed in the 1820s to improve the economy via improved transportation, protective tariffs on manufacturing and a national bank.
Would someone care to explain how this in any way relates to unfair rent increases?
Although it is understandable that a politician who thinks office hours are applicable to his provision may not know much about the finer points of American history, I would hope that the politicians we elect actually have a clue what they are saying. 
That such a prominent one has made such a glaring display of ignorance in his own speech, at both a public meeting and in a published commentary, speaks volumes about the state of politics in this town.


Maura Lynch