Excited about new club


I am a longtime Alameda resident, an original Harbor Bay Club member, a board member for Alameda Babe Ruth and one of the founders of Alameda Business Networking group. I have seen firsthand the invaluable role youth sports and recreation play in the development of our kids.

As a coach of more than 180 different kids and a soon-to-be father, I am looking forward to the new Harbor Bay Club at North Loop Road. Keeping our kids physically active while limiting their time playing with technology is a concern of mine. However, the new club design will provide more opportunities to keep our kids active. I love the idea of an all-weather multi-purpose turf area because it will provide a safe place for kids to play and practice year-round (despite the weather). I am also excited to know that the popular kid’s fitness programs, after-school Kid’s Club, summer camps and children’s center will all be able to grow at the new club. They can’t where they are now.

It is obvious that the club can’t thrive longterm where it currently is; space is limited. To try to accommodate more members, three racquetball courts were removed. Now club members are forced to share one court. The pool is no longer large enough to accommodate all swimmers (swim team, swim lessons, water aerobics, and recreational swimmers). Having been a member of the Harbor Bay Club since it opened, it is time for a change (modern club, better facilities, more pools, etc.). I say, "Yes, please."

I realize a few people will have to travel a few minutes farther to get to the new club, but that’s the benefit in living in Alameda (everything is close by). I have looked over the reports about the traffic congestion and it appears that traffic would be reduced if the club moved.

I’m excited for the possibility of a new club. I know my kids and other future generations will appreciate the upgrade.

Erik Schuler, Alameda Babe Ruth,