Stop the mega-bar


A new mega-bar called "Capone’s" is about to open, in a historic Park Street building at the crossroads to all of the Park Street businesses, just a few blocks from Alameda High School and right next door to the children’s dance studio.

How did this happen? Who voted for this? Who is going to pay for all the extra police? Why should we pay for extra police? A mega-bar In Alameda? Outsiders would have to drive here to drink alcohol at this mega-bar, then drive off the island once they are drunk.

Where are all these people going to park? Who is going to be held responsible when someone commits a crime, or kills someone after drinking at this mega-bar? What has happened to our town? In the last two years more beer, wine and alcohol permits have been passed out in Alameda than in the last 20 years.

Drunken driving arrests are an everyday occurrence, yet where is our Chief of Police Paul Rolleri, City Manager John Russo and Mayor Marie Gilmore. This mega-bar is going to open in the heart of our town and yet no one was informed of this, we did not vote on this and yet we are all going to be, forever impacted by this. It is truly a sad time for all Alameda.


— Paul Little