A bad idea


Appraisals are what we do in today’s world; appraisal for your jewelry, appraisals for your car, your home and other items of value. So why is our school district avoiding appraisals for the land that they wish to swap with the city? Avoiding this process almost seems illegal. Wouldn’t you think our school board should want to know the market value of the lands in question? It’s called accountability.

Avoiding this step is very irresponsible and an abdication of the board’s financial duties. Is this the same board that is going to come forth very soon with a multi-million dollar bond and expect to win the vote of the community?

If this school board wants to convince the community it needs a bond, it first needs to convince the community that it knows how to manage its finances. Blowing off appraisals is a very bad idea and demonstrates a lack of sound financial practices. Do the right thing, slow down the process; do appraisals and involve the community.


— Gretchen Lipow