Site A benefits everyone


Bike Walk Alameda is very excited to finally see tangible movement in new housing and infrastructure at Alameda Point. We have been involved in planning at Alameda Point for more than 15 years and believe that the current community-created plans have the most benefit for all Alamedans.

This development will help create roads for all users that will connect Alamedans to the waterfront at Alameda Point. Driving, walking, biking and public transit will be integrated and expanded. 

The sorely needed housing at Site A is critical if we are going to address rising rents and accommodate those who want to live in Alameda. Projections are for two-thirds rental units and one-third for sale at Site A. This ratio is a significant departure from other new developments in Alameda.

Additionally, we need the transportation infrastructure that the housing will bring to round out the rest of the transit in Alameda. More ferry service, more transit, will benefit everyone. Site A is designed to attract a demographic that will embrace biking, walking and transit.

We urge Planning Board and City Council approvals of this proposal.

— Lucy Gigli, President, Bike Walk Alameda