SUV attacks bicyclist


On Tuesday, April 21, at about 2:40 p.m. I was riding my bike going north on Walnut Street. As I reached the stop sign on Santa Clara Avenue, I noticed a large black SUV get very close behind me. I continued across Santa Clara when it was safe to do so, and I was struck with such a great force in the back that it nearly knocked me off my bike.

I looked to my left and saw the black SUV pass me, and the passenger was pulling the door shut and laughing as they sped off. I had just been hit with the door, on purpose! I was furious and immediately pursued them, and I called 911. I got a good view of the license plate and tried to burn it into my memory. 5-M-A I know, but the rest, 2-6-1-1? Or was it 2-1-6-6?

The driver slowed at the stop sign on Lincoln Avenue and peeled out as he turned right, right in front of an unmarked police cruiser. The cruiser flashed its lights, I thought it was about to be over. I pedaled as fast as I could to catch up to the cop and/or the assailants. Amazingly, the police cruiser failed to pull them over. They had just been cut off by this reckless driver. I was shocked even more. I followed them around the block, right in front of Alameda Police headquarters, and they made another right on Santa Clara. I started to lose them.

They were last seen heading north on Walnut Street near the scene of their encounter with me. The police came and took my statement. But the suspects got away. Luckily I did not suffer any major injuries, but my back was hurting pretty bad and it’s still sore. There were many people in the area at the time. If you witnessed this event or know someone who did, please call the Alameda Police Department. The next time they do this they might kill someone.

I also find it inexcusable that the unmarked police car failed to stop them for reckless driving. Did the unmarked police car have a dash cam or license plate reader? If so, there’s your detective work, APD.

Christopher R. Rabe