A Bucket A Shower

Dear Readers:

Our names are Nicolas, Mikolajek, Lauren and Elijah. We are all in sixth grade. We like to help our home planet as much as possible.

This why we came up with an idea that everyone should know about in order to save water, since we are currently in a severe drought. Our idea is called "A Bucket A Shower."

A Bucket A Shower is something that everyone can easily do. When you turn on the water for a shower and wait for it to heat up, you put a bucket where the water is landing, and when the water is heated up, you take the bucket out. You can use that water to do other things like washing the dishes, watering the plants or washing your car.

It takes water from 30 seconds to one minute to heat up and two to two and a half gallons of water are used per minute while the shower is running. Depending on how many times you shower per day, you can save about two to five gallons per day!

The California drought is a huge and ongoing thing, and every one of us needs to contribute. We haven’t had any rain lately, and we still use so much water. The four of us want to help out and tell everyone how to save water in such an easy way.

Our goal is to get this in the newspaper and spread it to the whole county, around 5.5 million people. If at least half of us do this, we will still save a lot of water and it will help the California drought.

If our idea of saving water spread to other big cities, like Sacramento, we could save millions of gallons of water. Even if each person saved only a gallon a day, the state of California could save more than 38 million gallons of water per day.

Right now it’s everyone’s priority to save water and help the California drought. It doesn’t matter which method you use, whether you use our suggestion or use another way, (like turning off the tap while brushing your teeth), you’re still saving water, and that’s what counts.

Most people will read this and think that it’s sad that we waste so much water, but they’ll still not do a thing to save water. They will keep taking long showers and brushing their teeth with the tap running, but those who do help fight the drought will become California heroes. They will make the real difference and might help us save water. Right now, California’s goal is to save water!

Thank you for taking your time to read this letter and spreading the word of saving water.

Nicolas, Mikolajek, Lauren and Elijah, sixth graders St. Joseph’s Elementary School