Looking forward to the Fourth


Thank you, Alameda, for inviting me and my friends to be in your parade. I’ve had my car, the Tinyvette, in parades before and that was fun, but being able to do this with like-minded fools makes it special.

Jesse, who races the boom-box Chevy Luv, is organizing things on our end and he may have been serious when he says we can expect anywhere from five to 200 LeMons (probably just five to 10, but we have gotten more than 200 cars out for races) to join us.

I hear the Faster Farms (my favorite) chicken car will be there, and also CrazyMike’s VW Scrubby, the Overzet LeMonslimo (hopefully in full, glorious, Titanic costume), Sparky Pete’s Killer MG Bee Zombee, the Panting Polar Bear’s Race Rambler, a new-to-LeMons Brinklin, Philipp’s diesel-powered Porsche Nein-11 and other LeMons classics from northern California.

Evil John simply has to bring Balto, the snowmobile-powered Miata and Dave needs to haul over the Sierras to get his Model T GT here.

I’m sure the Easy 908 will make it, and the Bernal Dad’s wagon, and Bruce is sure to bring his Duck Die-Nasty MR2 over from San Rafael for this. We’re still hoping the Homer (a southern California car) can make it but it’s a long drive and they took a bit of damage at the Sonoma race last month.

Someone needs to track down the Harley-powered Prius and bring it. So obscene, you just have to love it. I understand it sold recently. Yes, someone other than Spank thought it was a great idea.

If SpeedyCop wasn’t on the East Coast you know he’d bring his Toyota "Cessna," but Jay has SpeedCop’s UDC (upside-down Camaro) stored at Sears Point so it should be able to join us.

Judge Phil will even be flying out from Colorado for this. It must be nice to be a fancy-pants Car & Driver writer with a travel budget. Anyway, I am sure it will be a hooptie fun parade. I can’t imagine a parade like this taking place in Davis, where I live.

Mike Meier