At a measured pace


Noelle Robbins’s letter ("Concerned about development," Dec. 4) cautions Trish Spencer that she does not have a mandate to halt all development in Alameda. I can assure you that she is very pro-development, but at a measured pace, making sure that the infrastructure and other essential factors are in place. She favors more emphasis on commercial non-retail development and less on residential.

In her letter, Robbins speaks of the great need for affordable housing in the East Bay. I agree. However I am of the opinion that, notwithstanding the availability of a great amount of space at the West End, Alameda should not be providing massive amounts of new housing. We live on an island with very limited access. I think that our population should not be expanded in a substantial way.

Del Monte, Alameda Landing, and Mariner Cove, all either in progress or on the cusp of approval, will add about 750 new homes, while Alameda Point, as proposed, adds 1,425 homes, some of which are already in place. At the city average of 1.65 cars per home this adds 3,600 additional cars, all at the West End, all dependent on the tubes for access. That is not progressive growth.

It may reduce the cost of housing, but only because folks will not want to live here!

Paul S Foreman