How I’ll remember Mayor Gilmore


I supported Marie Gilmore for mayor four years ago and so it was nice to read a letter to the editor commending her for her service ("Thank you, Mayor Gilmore," Dec. 4). Unfortunately, that letter bashed us a little, claiming that we are a "just say no" community. And ironically, Gilmore was, to a small extent at the Dec. 2 Council meeting, "the mayor of no."

Others have already remarked about how dismissive she was of Councilman Tony Daysog. She also announced an extremely restrictive policy about speakers that night. She would not allow them go over their three minutes at all. There was also an armed, on-duty police officer in the chambers, presumably for security.

Near the very end of the speakers, all of whom had respected the new timing rule, former Vice Mayor Doug deHaan tried to talk for an extra 10 seconds to finish his point, but Gilmore talked over him and shouted him down.

At the same time, the officer stood up and seemed to be making his way towards the podium. Luckily, it did not come to the officer strong-arming a speaker over a few extra seconds. It was rude and unnecessary; this is how I will have to remember Mayor Gilmore.

If 10 percent of the speakers had gone over their time by an average of 10 percent, it would have added just 80 seconds to an eight- hour meeting! Somehow, it became more important to control residents than to listen to them.

Rion Cassidy