Our police deserve our respect


At a Feb. 3 public forum, the Alameda Police Department (APD) invited the community to discuss the department’s policy regarding the use of automated license-plate readers. One of the speakers started his comments by saying that we must not trust the police.

Thank God this is not the view of the vast majority of our law-abiding citizens. Do you trust teachers, physicians, accountants and grocery check-out clerks? Sadly, occasionally we hear some of these people are child molesters, incompetents, embezzlers and cheaters Does that mean we must distrust everyone in those professions?

Every law enforcement officer is handpicked, much more so than personnel in most other professions. Sadly, once in a while a bad apple turns up who tarnishes the profession, even after extensive background checking and investigating.

We should hold police up to the highest standards and always trust and respect them. They risk their lives and sacrifice a whole lot to keep us safe, day and night. Some of the groups that I know, and I fully understand, who do not trust the police are those individuals behind bars, among others. Without dedicated, efficient and trusted law enforcement personnel, it would be like living in a wild jungle.

Have you ever considered going on a ride-along with an APD officer? I highly recommend it. Pick a Friday or a Saturday late shift. I guarantee that after a few hours with that officer, you will have absolute trust and respect for him or her.

— Ed Mirzaian