The human flight


Awesome indeed how human abilities have gone to such an extent — defying gravity and space, reaching unbelievable heights and other planets — while back here on Earth, many young minds create means of destruction instead of joining constructive workers of good and godliness.

Unthinkable! How can one keep apace with such progress? Yet obviously none seem to mind the hapless, homeless humans with no food, no one to lean on, who have to stay outside, unsheltered in unbearable weather conditions.

They are humans, not like other creatures a which have scales, thick skins and feathers for adaptation.

My fellow human beings who are blessed to have the means: Think! Feel if you were in their predicament. Who knows if one or some of those unlucky people living on the streets has hidden nuggets in their heads so precious and untapped?

Can the government solicit the aid of others who have the means to build simple quarters and provisions for the homeless until they are able to rehabilitate themselves?

More power to you who have generous and human hearts.

— Ligaya V. Yuzon