Stop playing ‘musical sites’ with local school


It seems fitting that the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) facilities proposal caused a capacity issue of its own at the recent School Board meeting, as the fire marshal came to manage the numbers of parents, students and staff from affected schools.

The articulate and eloquent student speakers were the highlight, testaments to these schools’ success. Oliver, one young Alameda Community Learning Center (ACLC) seventh-grader, brought the issue into focus when he reminded all that this proposal will mean every year of his middle school education will be spent in a different location.

AUSD forced this situation with last year’s poorly conceived move of ACLC to a struggling Wood Middle School campus. Now here’s another ludicrous package, proposing the upheaval of six schools across five campuses to add nine classrooms for Wood’s expansion — an expansion plan which the board has not seen, and is not in line with falling enrollment.

Stop the musical sites. Deliver a stopgap of portables until there is a real plan that benefits all and doesn’t unfairly punish those who have already given too much.

— Scott Dodds